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How To Make A Relationship Stronger

Many bad mistakes can be made following a breakup. Mistakes you would never make if you were not in a panic. That means you should step back and get your emotions settled down before you take any action to get your ex boyfriend back. That is easier said than done. You were hoping to have a future with this guy and now he has blown all of your hopes and dreams apart. When this happens, you need a sure fire way to get back the man who got away.

Of course you can get plenty of advice. It's all around you in magazines, on the Internet and from your friends and relatives. In fact there is so much information that you might become confused and do nothing and that is what you should do — nothing! You should stay away from your ex for at least a few weeks and give him time to get over his anger. An angry man won't listen to anything you say.


So what then? You can leave him alone and let him quiet down, but you can't stay away forever. Well, actually from this point you don't need any advice. You already know what to do.You simply do something you are very familiar with, something you do nearly everyday. The problem may be that the way to get your ex boyfriend back is so easy and simple, you will not think of using it to get back the man who got away.

When you think or read of tactics to get your ex back, you are looking for some magic way to make him come running back to you. However, there is no such thing as a quick fix to a breakup. It takes time and patience. If you have used that patience and given your ex the space and time he needs, then all you have to do is what you would do at any other time you make a mistake.

By using the tactic you already know how to use, there is no chance of making a mistake. You will bring forth the positive reaction you need and there's a good chance your ex boyfriend will respond with the same words you use. The words you will say are not I love you or I can't live without you. What you will say is something you might say to a stranger, but they always bring a positive response.

For instance when you bump against someone in a crowd or step on their toe, what do you do? You say, “I'm sorry”. So, if you have given your guy the time to settle down, call him and tell him you are sorry. Do not text or send an email, you should let him hear you say it. If you are looking for magic, this might be the closest thing to it.

Hearing your voice again and the apology should melt his heart and he is apt to apologize to you as well. You shouldn't grovel or beg for his forgiveness. All that is necessary is a short apology and then end the conversation. Let him have time to think over what you have said and the man that got away should be calling you soon and either wanting to talk or tell you he wants to come back.

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