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How To Save Your Relationship

When your boyfriend kicked you in the heart and said he needed some space, you went into action to get your ex back, but so far everything you have done seems to push him away instead of pulling him back. That is not unusual because it is natural to be emotional at a time like this. However, if you keep pushing him away, he will be gone for good. To get your ex boyfriend back, you need to learn what to do and how to do it.

At this time you are feeling desperation and despair. It isn't easy to realize the man you love doesn't want to be with you anymore. But staying close to him and trying to keep him from finding someone else will only push him into another woman's arms. You are not making yourself very attractive to him by crying and begging. Men are uncomfortable around a woman who is crying and this makes him want to stay as far from you as possible.


To get your ex back, you have to get inside his head and make him want you again. What makes men become so desperate that they chase a woman day and night? It is the thought that she doesn't want him. Making him feel he can't have you will drive a your ex crazy for you. Does this make you see why the tactics you have been using have failed? You have been throwing yourself at your ex boyfriend.

To get your ex boyfriend back, you have to make him think you are over him and ready to move on. As soon as you stop chasing him and begin to ignore your ex his attitude will change. If you are not chasing him, he has nothing to run from. When he told you he needed space, your ex boyfriend was sure you were head over heels in love with him and would be there when he wanted you again. When you start making a life without him, he will begin to wonder if he was wrong.

The reason you have been chasing him is to get him to talk to you and find out what is bothering him. But men can be very stubborn when they are hurt or angry, so you have to give your ex boyfriend time to settle down. He asked for space, and you should respect his request and give him space. However, this will be the opposite of what he expects you to do. When you do not try to get him to talk, he will find that he is anxious to talk to you.

Why does doing the opposite of what he thinks you will do work? It is because you are doing what he would do and he can understand that. You are using male psychology and showing him you can live without him. The minute he thinks you don't want him anymore, he will want you. It won't take long before he will be contacting you and wanting to have a talk.

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