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Your boyfriend started to act strange and then he said he needed a time out, but you didn't think that would be the end of your relationship. However, he won't answer your text or take you phone calls. No matter how you try to communicate with him, he completely ignores you. Why is he doing this? Because it give him control and inflates his ego to have you chasing him.

You should be well aware of what your ex is doing because that is the same way you treated him when he first showed interest in you. He knows that as long as he ignores you, it will keep you wanting him back and he learned all of this from you. If you search for ways to get your ex back, you will be told that men and women do not think alike and it's true, but you can learn to think like a man, just as he has apparently learned to think like you.


He knows what pushes your hot buttons and he is pushing them hard. To turn things around, you need to use some male psychology to get him to chasing you again. Since he is having so much fun ignoring you, take a page from his book and start ignoring your ex boyfriend. All you have to do to push his hot buttons and get his interest again is to walk away and pretend you don't want him anymore.

A funny thing happens to men when they are denied something. What they are denied becomes more valuable and they feel they can't live without it. But if something is always available it loses it's value. This is what could have happened in your relationship. You fell deeply in love with your ex and became afraid of losing him. You became too anxious for him to commit and he run for safety.

Your ex boyfriend wanted a timeout in order to think. He knows he loves you, but doesn't want to give up his freedom just yet. However, as long as you keep telling him you can't live without him, he won't have to make a decision. The only thing that will make him decide to make a commitment is the fear of losing you for good. The best way to make him think he is losing you is to become scarce.

It won't be easy for you to let him go, but it might be the only chance to get your ex boyfriend back. If you keep chasing him, he will soon start looking for another challenge and another woman will be there to give him that challenge. However if you show him you can get along just fine without him, you will spark his interest again. You will become the only challenge your ex needs.

When you start ignoring him again, your ex boyfriend will think he went too far and you may have found another guy. Hearing that you have been seen out having fun will make him have images of you and another man together. He will feel sorrow for the way he treated you and his only thoughts will be of getting you back. By ignoring your ex boyfriend you will have him chasing you again.

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