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After a breakup, you might hear about your ex boyfriend having a new girlfriend or you might actually run into them. You see him laughing and looking into her eyes the way he used to look at you and it tears your heart apart. You want to run up to the and tell her what you think of her. Then you want to jerk your ex boyfriend away from her and tell him he has to come back to you or you will die.

But wait a minute, what did we just call this guy who is smiling so sweetly at the other girl? It was your EX boyfriend and you must realize that he can be with anyone he wishes to be with. He is the same as a stranger to you now. You wouldn't run up to a stranger and start causing a scene, would you? Well, the situation is no different, but you shouldn't just ignore them like you would a stranger either.


Showing you are hurt, might be just the reaction your ex wants to see. That will let him know you still care and boost his ego. This new relationship might be just a rebound type and you can't let your ex boyfriend see that it is bothering you. The less he thinks you are bothered, the shorter his new romance might be. So, how should you handle the situation?

You should treat your ex boyfriend like an old friend and be especially nice to his new girlfriend. Put on a big smile if it kills you and tell them how good they look together. The best way to make him wonder if he did the wrong thing by dumping you is to show him your maturity. Show him you are interested in his happiness, even if it is with another woman.

If you don't show any jealousy, your ex will wonder how you could get over him so fast. He will begin to wonder how he can get rid of the other woman and get you back. This is the way to use male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons. It won't be long before he will call you and when he does, you have to be his best friend and let him do most of the talking, while you simply listen.

Why should you let him do the talking? Because, he will probably be telling you about his new girlfriend's faults and you have to remain neutral. If you take his side and start knocking the new girlfriend, you will show him that you are jealous. Every time you criticize her, you make yourself look smaller. But if you just listen, your ex will think of how wise you are and how much he misses being with you.

When you feel your ex boyfriend is convinced about what a good friend you are, you can start working on getting your ex back. However, your timing has to be right. If you push too hard before he has dumped the other girl, he can still compare and have a choice. Wait until the other woman is out of the picture, but make sure he wants you back so badly he will do anything to have you. That includes making a commitment.

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