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When your boyfriend broke up with you, all you wanted to do is talk to him and see if you could straighten things out. You sent text messages, emails and tried to call him, but all you got from him was rejection. Your friends and family were even upset with you because of the way that you were chasing him and losing your pride and dignity.

You finally got yourself under control and accepted the fact that your relationship was over and suddenly you get a text from him asking how you are doing. You sent him an answer and then he called. Hearing his voice again was wonderful, but he didn't say anything about dating or getting back together and now you are back to wondering if he is still in love with you.


When your ex boyfriend contacts you after he has been rejecting every effort you make to talk to him it could mean several different things. He might have had time to think things over and realize that he misses you and would like to get back together, but don't get your hopes up too high. Don't tell him how happy you are to hear from him or how much you have missed him.

Usually when an old boyfriend contacts you it is because he is having trouble with his new relationship and wants to be sure he can count on you to pick him up if he gets dumped. This makes you his safety net and backup girlfriend. That is not a good position to be in because you will be sitting around waiting for him to call while he is out having fun.

Your ex boyfriend might even take you on a date occasionally, but it will be somewhere that he is not likely to meet anyone he knows. He is only doing this to keep you on the string in case he needs you for awhile. Then he will dump you again and be with someone new and this time you may lose him for good. So when he contacts you it is time to use male psychology to make sure of what his intentions are.

You can be friendly, but if he asks you for a date, you have to be unavailable. If he is serious he will ask you again. Don't be too fast to answer his text and if he calls let him leave a message. You are not playing a game, you are just protecting yourself. If he gives up easily, you will know that he was only wanting you as a backup girlfriend.

If he is serious and wants to get back together he won't give up easily. Look at the way he chased you when you first met. The more you make him work for your love the more he will appreciate you and not be so quick to dump you again.

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