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When you have tried just about every other way to get your ex boyfriend back and failed, someone might tell you to use reverse psychology. This might seem to be about the only thing you haven't tried, so you think what have I got to lose? But do you really know how reverse psychology works? The word psychology might intrigue you because you need something to change your ex boyfriend's mind.

The truth is, reverse psychology is highly overrated. The idea of this tactic is to show your ex that you don't want him back in the hope that it will make him want to come back to you. In the case of a lovers spat, this can work fine, but if there are deeper problems. You risk the chance of your ex thinking that you are done with him and moving on. This can cause him to start looking for someone else.


So, if you have tried nearly everything else and reverse psychology is risky, how can you get your ex back? The reason your ex broke up with you is because he felt he could get along just fine without you, so by acting like you don't care, it won't have much effect on him. In fact he will probably breath a sigh of relief to see you stop chasing him.

The only way to get your man chasing you again, is to make him miss you like crazy and feel he cannot stand another minute without having you in his arms. There is a lot of difference between using male psychology and reverse psychology. However whatever tactic you use to get your ex back, must be subtle. He will be suspicious of every move you make because he knows you will do anything to get him back.

You will need to give your ex some space and let him cool down a little. If you are not constantly in his face, he is apt to not be so defensive. The place you need to be is in his mind instead of his face. You can get inside his mind by using male psychology to push his emotional hot buttons. By doing this, you can have your ex boyfriend desiring you like never before.

Everything is governed by psychology. You see a pretty outfit in a store window and can't resist the urge to buy it. You get a whiff of your favorite food and you are hungry. All advertising is aimed at pushing your emotional hot buttons and making you think you can't live without their product. You can use this same psychology to make your ex boyfriend think he cannot live without you.

Once you make him remember how good it was with you, he will want you back. Everybody has a nostalgia gene and if you activate the one inside your ex boyfriend's head, he will become desperate to have you back. His head and heart will begin to realize how much he loves you and he will feel he can't live without you.

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