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After a relationship falls apart, it is pitiful to see a woman who has always maintained her self respect go running after her ex boyfriend. There is nothing that she won't do to make him want her again. She can beg, cry and lose her pride however the ex boyfriend does not see any of this as pitiful. He sees it as nagging and trying to force herself on him and that makes him pull farther away.

If you can see any of yourself in this, you have to change your approach. You can't force a man to love you, but you can show him why you are the best thing that ever happened to him. But, it won't happen by degrading yourself or changing your personality. You have to make him see that his life is empty without you and that the breakup was a mistake.


First of all, your ex boyfriend is no different than any other man. He just wants to be happy and have as few problems as possible. Constantly telling him you can't live without him creates a problem for him and he will run away from it. In fact the cause of the breakup might have been because you were too pushy and wanted him to commit. He could see his freedom going up in smoke and ran for the hills. The reason for this could go back to his childhood.

Your ex might have been raised in a home where money was always a problem and his parents fought constantly. When he saw you pushing for a commitment, he could see the same future in store for him. The more you push him the more he will feel that you will want to dominate him. To get your ex boyfriend back, you will have push his psychological hot buttons and show him that he needs you more than you need him.

The best thing you can do is to back off and accept the breakup. If you don't you will probably lose the man you love for good. Having the strength to let him go may be just the thing that will bring him running back to you. Let him have time to think and miss you. These are two psychological hot buttons that will usually change a man's attitude.

When he sees that you are no longer chasing him, a man's pride and ego will take a hit and he will feel that he is no longer in control. This is some other psychological hot buttons. He feels that you are now ignoring him and suddenly your ex boyfriend will realize how empty his life is without you. Then he will become desperate at the thought that you might be looking for some other man.

That will tempt him to call you and try to get you to say that you still love him. Now you can push another of his emotional hot buttons by not mentioning the word love. Instead tell him that you will always care for him and want to be his friend. That will set a fire under his tail and he will be back on your trail harder than ever before.

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