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When you and your ex boyfriend were dating, he couldn't spend enough time with you. Now that you have broken up, you still yearn for that closeness, but all he wants is space. That is where one of your biggest problems with getting your ex back starts. By wanting to stay close to him, you make your ex pull farther away. You know that you should be respecting his wishes, but you are finding it hard to do. However, if you want the man you love back in your arms there are certain things you must do.

It's a lot like taking medicine when you are ill, it may taste bad, but if you want to get well you have to swallow it. You are going to have to walk away from your ex boyfriend and make him think you no longer want him. This can be scary because you are listening to your heart instead of your head and you are afraid that he will forget you. Just the opposite is true because men hate to be ignored by an ex girlfriend and you will stay on his mind and start male psychology working on him.


Being with someone in a relationship becomes a habit that is hard to break. You started feeling the pains of losing your ex boyfriend as soon as he walked away from you, but he hasn't had the chance to feel that pain because you haven't let him go. So, you must find the strength to walk away from him and let your ex boyfriend see what his life is like without you in it. His first feeling may be one of relief because you have been badgering him to death.

That feeling of relief will soon turn to thoughts of where you are and what you are doing. Then your ex boyfriend will realize that he misses you. By being without you, he is starting to feel that something is wrong. He will be starting to feel his old habit of being with you and it will be like an itch that he can't scratch. Soon he will be wondering if you are dating some other guy and he will wake up at night in a sweat because he can see you in another man's arms.

When this happens to a man, he will have to take action and that action will be to contact you. The first contact may be in the form of a text and it will make you want to reply immediately by saying how thrilled you are to hear from him. You will want to call him and start begging him to come back to you, but these are things that you must not do. You have to ignore his text, his emails and his phone calls. No, I'm not crazy, I'm telling you what you must do to get your ex boyfriend back.

You are showing your ex that you may no longer be available and that will make him desire you so much that your ex boyfriend will come running to your doorstep and tell you that he will love you forever. But this can only happen if you stop doing the things that push him away and do the things you must to get your ex boyfriend back.

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