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You feel that if you could just get your ex boyfriend to notice you again, it would rekindle his desire, but he seems to have forgotten about you and acts like you no longer exist. You hear of him being out having fun while you just sit at home and cry. But you are wrong about your ex forgetting you because even though he dumped you, he still can't get rid of his memories and you need to know how to bring his feelings for you to the surface if you want him back.

The first thing you need to do is to make a comparison of the woman you are today and the one he fell in love with. This comparison cannot be simply on the outside, but on the inside as well. Looking in the mirror and seeing that you need to lose some weight, dress better or get a new hair style are the easiest things to change, but the changes in your personality can be a lot harder to overcome.


New habits are not developed over night and you can't expect to change them in a flash either. However, some of the changes are no doubt good ones and you will want to keep them. But if you want your ex boyfriend to notice you again, you will have to show him the woman he fell in love with again. You know the qualities that he admired when you first met him and these are the ones you have to put on display again.

Falling in love causes a change in everyone, but if that change is too severe you are no longer the same person. This is what might have happened to you. By falling deeply in love with your guy, you lost your independent self and made him the focus of your life. In your effort to please him you agreed with everything your ex boyfriend said. When he was with you it was like being with a clone of himself.

Too much controversy in a relationship can lead to bad feelings and eventual breakup, but the absence of any controversy can make things boring and your boyfriend will seek other excitement. Every person has a right to their own opinion, but it has to be tempered with common sense. This means that the two partners in a relationship need to keep their individual points of view and yet respect the others right to theirs.

Sometimes it becomes a delicate balance because you have to show that you are strong enough to handle your problems, and still make the other partner feel needed. This is called compatibility and evidently both of you thought you were compatible at the start or you would never have had a relationship. To get your ex boyfriend to notice you again, you have to regain that compatibility.

It starts with you accepting the breakup. After all that is what your ex boyfriend wanted, but you have been trying to show him that the breakup was a mistake. When you accept the breakup, you are agreeing with him and there can be no argument when two people are in agreement. Now that both of you are on the same side you can work out your differences.

You will need to meet and this is when you must make sure that your ex boyfriend sees the woman he fell in love with. The only discussion that will follow could be your ex boyfriend telling you he loves you and has been missing you like crazy.

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