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It hurts bad enough when the man you love says he wants to end your relationship, but you thought he would at least talk to you from time to time. However, he rejects your every attempt to contact him. Still you are not going to give up trying to get your ex boyfriend back and of course if you love him, you can't help feeling that way. But, if you just go running after him without a plan, you could push him so fat away that you have no chance of getting him back. If you keep ramming into the wall he has built around himself, you are making the job of getting your ex boyfriend back harder than it should be.

Your man won't be impressed by the way you are trying to force yourself on him and that's why the no contact rule is so effective. You may have heard of the no contact rule, but you are afraid to try it because it requires you to stay away from your ex for a few weeks. This makes you afraid that he will find someone else and you will lose him for good. However, there should not be much of a risk if you use the rule properly and timing is very important. You should catch him by surprise and never tell your ex that you intend to start ignoring him. This doesn't mean that you should just disappear without saying something to your man, but what you say and when you say it will greatly effect the way he thinks about you. That is why it is imperative that you say the right words, the right way and at the right time.


Since your emotions may be running high and you would start to cry at the sound of his voice, it might be best to send your ex boyfriend a text. Tell him that you want to say you are sorry for the pain the breakup has caused. Then tell him you wish him a happy life. Don't give any explanations and especially do not say you love him. You should send this text even though he broke up with you because you are not groveling, you are showing strength of character. After you send the text, it is time to put the no contact rule into effect. You have to stop having any kind of contact with your ex boyfriend for at least three weeks.

By appearing to be moving on with your life, you will be making your ex wonder what you are up to. He will hold out for a while because he thinks you still love him and soon he will be getting more text messages, emails and phone calls from you. But, in a couple of weeks he will realize that you are serious. It will come to him as a shock that you are done with him and you are moving on. That is the reason for using the no contact rule. You want your ex boyfriend to have to face what his life will be like without you. With proper timing and execution, the no contact rule can make your ex boyfriend so desperate that he will be chasing you down and begging you to take him back.

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