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If your boyfriend has just broken up with you, it is likely that you are blaming yourself for a breakup. You will be sure that something you said or did was what pushed the man you love away. If you are like most women, you will sit in your room crying and trying to understand the reason for the split, but you won't be able to come up with an answer.

When you can't think of why he broke up with you, you may decide to go to the source and ask your ex boyfriend. You spend hours working on what you will say when you text him, but when you send the text, your ex doesn't answer. His ignoring your text upsets you more and you decide to call him and demand an answer. However, as soon as he answers the phone and you hear his voice, you begin to cry and beg.


Everything you have done so far has pushed your ex boyfriend farther away and if you keep pushing, he will soon be gone for good. To get a man back after a breakup, you have to give him some reasons to want you back. Showing him your neediness by crying and begging are not what will pull your ex boyfriend back. They are reasons for him to pull farther away.

So what will pull your ex boyfriend back after you have pushed him away? Making him think that he can no longer have you. You have to make your ex feel as rejected as you felt when he broke up with you. The best way to make him have that feeling of rejection is to get inside his head by using male psychology. You have to start turning him on instead of turning him off.

The easiest way to make your ex boyfriend start feeling rejection, is to ignore him completely. Show him that you can accept the breakup and live your life without him. It will be hard for your ex to accept being ignored, especially if you are the one ignoring him. When he broke up with you your ex thought he would be hanging out with his buddies and bragging about how he couldn't get rid of you.

It builds a man's macho image to be able to tell his friend's about some woman who won't let him go. But, if you just walk away from him and let him go, it looks like you are the one dumping him. He can't let that happen because of his ego, but something else will be happening as well. Your ex boyfriend will discover that he misses you and does not want to lose you for good.

This changes everything around. Instead of pushing your ex boyfriend away, you are pulling him back to you. Soon he will be sending text and calling you. Don't be too anxious to take him back, but don't push him away either. You got him once before and the same tactics should get your ex back this time.

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