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Why does a guy who can be so loving turn into a jerk the minute he dumps you? What makes him build a wall around himself and avoid you like a bad disease? Then he develops a bad attitude and won't answer your text or take your phone calls. This is the situation you may be facing and no matter what you do, the man you still love continues to ignore you.

This is the game that men love to play because it feeds their ego and as long as you keep chasing him and saying you can't live without him, the more he will ignore you. This is probably a big deal for him because having a lovely woman like you cry and plead for him to love her makes him feel like God's gift to women. Although he may still love you, your ex boyfriend is taking pleasure in seeing you lose your pride and dignity.


Which should tell you that if you want your ex back, you have to stop feeding his ego. Letting your ex boyfriend know that he has the power to break your heart will give him control over you for good. It's always that way in a relationship, the one who appears to need the other person less will be in charge. In fact your ex could be testing you to see how much he can dominate you.

The problem with this situation is that although your ex boyfriend may dump you to see how much you really want him and how far you will go to get him back, he will lose respect for you. Showing him how desperate you are for his love can make him think that you are not much of a prize after all. If you have to run after one man so hard it must mean that no other man will want you.

To change his attitude you need to push his emotional hot buttons by using male psychology. It is common knowledge that most men are very competitive and will be motivated by challenge. This is exactly what made him attracted to you in the first place and then he started chasing you. As long as you were confident and showed your independence, your ex boyfriend was putty in your hands.

You couldn't keep from falling in love with him, but you should never let a man think that you can't live without him. That can be too much of a temptation to your ex boyfriend and he will want to make you keep proving how much you love him. The best way of changing his attitude is to make him think you no longer want him. This doesn't mean that you are going to let him go for good, but you have to make your ex think you are ready to move on.

As soon as you stop chasing him, your ex boyfriend's attitude will change and he will panic. He will kick himself for taking things too far and become the one who is desperate to get his ex back. The whole dynamics of the breakup has changed and he will start chasing you again.

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