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When your ex boyfriend broke up with you, your girlfriends told you to date his best friend and make him jealous. Is that good advise or not? Well, consider how you would react if the situation was reversed and your ex boyfriend dated your best friend. How would you react? You probably would never speak to either one of them again.

It could be true that men and women don't think alike, but the emotions are not much different. Men just don't show their emotions as readily as women, but the emotions are there. All relationships thrive on the emotions of respect, love and desire, but when the emotion of jealousy enters the scene there will usually be trouble. This is because respect, love and desire are positive emotions while jealousy is a negative one.


Threats and trying to give him a guilt trip are also negative and must be avoided. Showing him neediness is something else that will turn him away. When he broke up with you he still had an image of a strong cheerful woman and you must do everything you can to preserve that image. Showing him why your relationship should be preserved is your only hope of having his arms around you again.

When you are attempting to repair a relationship, you need to keep everything as positive as possible. The same emotions that governed the relationship will also determine if you get your ex boyfriend back. By constantly pestering him with text and phone calls and emails, you are not showing him much respect. He knows you still love him so why badger him by telling him you can't live without him? None of these actions will make him desire you.

Until you chase him away for good, your ex boyfriend still considers you his girlfriend and why shouldn't he? You have certainly told him enough times that you will love him forever. This makes him still feel possessive of you whether he intends to be your guy again or not. However, although jealousy is a negative emotion, if you use it in the right way it can shock your ex enough to make him desire you again.

Some men are jealous by nature, but whether this applies to your ex boyfriend or not, you can make him afraid of losing you by taking some simple action. You don't want to date another man, but you can make your ex think you are ready to. Your first move will be to visit a good salon and get a makeover. Perhaps even a new hair style and a tan.

Next, get some friends together and go out to the places your ex boyfriend frequents. Make sure you have some good looking guys in your group, but don't actually hang around any one of them too much. Let your ex see you having a good time see how great you are looking and be sure to give him a wave and a big smile as you leave. Let his instincts take it from there and the chances are good that you will be getting a call from him in a few days.

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