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What can be worse than having the guy that you have been telling your girlfriends was so wonderful an might be the love of your life suddenly dump you? You not only suffer the shock and pain of losing the man you love, but what do you say to your friends? Everything feels like it is falling apart and the humiliation seems too much to bear.

This is when you begin to have dreams of your ex boyfriend running back to you and begging you to forgive him. However, it might not be only a dream if you play your cards right and forget about what others may think. This is something that is between your ex boyfriend and yourself and that was the way it was when you first made him attracted to you.


Making an ex boyfriend come running back after he dumps you is not complicated at all. The same rules that made him chase you in the beginning still apply. Your ex is still a male and he still has the same emotional hot buttons that can be pushed by using male psychology that he had when the two of you first met. All you have to do is use the same tactics that made him desperate for your love in the beginning.

Sit back and look at what you are doing differently now than you were doing then. Were you sending him text messages and calling day and night trying to get him to talk to you? Of course not! You were doing just the opposite and he was the one who was trying to get you to talk to him. If you want to bring the guy who dumped you running back and beg for your love, you have to create the same set of circumstances that made it happen before.

You may be having the same problem most women have after a relationship ends. You think your ex boyfriend knows you too well to make him desperate for your love again. But, he is the same guy he was in the beginning with the same emotional hot buttons that can be pushed by using male psychology. If you take the same actions that you did then, your ex will respond in the same way.

The first thing you have to do is stop having any contact with him. Make yourself scarce and let him wonder what has happened to you. Within a couple of weeks his hot buttons will start feeling the pressure and male psychology will start playing strange tricks with his mind. The guy who dumped will start having dreams of seeing you in another man's arms and wake up in a cold sweat.

This will make him wonder why he ever dumped you in the first place and the entire focus of his life will be getting you back. But, he will try to play it smart at first and just send you a text to see how you are and how fast you will answer it. If you continue to ignore him and go on with your life it won't be long before the guy who dumped you comes running back and begs for your love.

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