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You might have had a lovers quarrel or you thought you were bored with your boyfriend, so you dumped him. Now you realize how much you love him and want your ex back. But, he has been hurt by your action and won't answer your text or take your phone calls. This has you getting more desperate everyday because you are afraid that he might be gone for good. You are realizing you made a mistake that might not be easy to remedy.

First of all, by dumping the man you love, it caused his pride and ego to take a big blow. If you are going to get him back, you have to use all of your instincts as a woman. You can't expect to tell him that you got angry and said things you didn't mean. What you said is probably still eating at him and he gets more angry every time you try to contact him and say you are sorry.


The reason you dumped him can be a big factor in getting your ex boyfriend back as well. If it was just a spat, give him a little time and he should start trying to contact you, but If he was cheating on you, he might be too ashamed to approach you. On the other hand if he caught you cheating and you dumped your ex boyfriend before he could dump you, then you have some explaining to do.

No matter what the cause, by dumping him, you have put yourself in a tight spot and you have to proceed with caution. You are also going to have to swallow your pride.This doesn't mean that you have to grovel at his feet. In fact that might be the worst thing you can do. However, at some point you will have to apologize for losing your temper and throwing him out.

The reason he won't let you communicate with him could be that you tried too early. Let things settle down for awhile and find some other interests. Go away and visit friends or relatives that live out of town. Do some community work or take some classes to prepare you for a better job. Stay busy and stay away from him. There are two things you shouldn't do.

One is getting mutual friends to sound him out. He will resent having your personal problem discussed with others. The other is don't stalk him to see if he is dating. You dumped him and he is free to do as he pleases. After letting him cool for awhile, send a text and ask how he is doing. This is just to test the water and see if he will answer, so don't make it an apology at this time.

If he answers, you should wait a few days and then call him. Make sure you don't start crying at the sound of his voice. You have to be calm and do some chit chat and then ask him to meet you for lunch or coffee. If he agrees, you can make your apology in person and he should be ready to accept.

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