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A breakup can make you do things you normally would not do. You never thought you would be chasing and begging a man to love you, but here you are forgetting your pride and dignity. All you can think of is getting back the man you love before he finds someone else. However you are pushing your ex boyfriend away instead of pulling him back.

You can't get a man back by showing your neediness. He will lose respect for you and wonder why he ever thought he was in love with you. The best way to make him come running back is to show him you don't need him. That means you have to get your emotions in check and find the strength to stop chasing and begging him.


A man cannot feel the need for something that he already has and he feels he already has you. He will only feel the need for you if he thinks he has lost you. Right now he might be giving you the impression that he doesn't care if he loses you. That is because he has not experienced his life without you. He can't miss you until you are gone and that means you have to stop chasing him.

Stop blaming yourself for the breakup and your emotions will start to calm down. You will be able to look at things more clearly and start doing the things that will make your ex boyfriend come running back. Male psychology will teach you that a man will always want a woman who he thinks does not want him. It is a challenge he cannot refuse because he has the genes of a hunter.

When you stop chasing him and begin to resume a normal life without him, your ex will wonder why you stopped loving him. Suddenly everything is turned around and your ex will be confused. He will feel like you have dumped him and might be looking for another guy. Now it will be his pride and ego that will be hurt and he will wonder how you could have gotten over him so fast.

By showing him you don't need him it will make him realize how much he needs you. He will think of you in the arms of another man and panic. The urge to get you back will become overwhelming and all he can do is think of how foolish he was to get into this situation in the first place. Your ex boyfriend did not intend to lose you for good, he just wanted to sulk for a while.

His next move will be to contact you by text or email, but don't answer. Then he will call, but don't take his calls either. If you answer his text or email right away, your ex boyfriend will be comfortable again and wait for you to come to him. The only way to make him come running back and tell you he loves you is by making him think you don't need him. When you do, he will realize how much he needs you.

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