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You're wondering how to get back the Cancer man you love. You're feeling panicked, aren't you? You never would have imagined that the two of you would end up like this. You're distant, you're so far apart and you're not even sure of whether or not he's interested in getting back together. Many women, including me, have been in your shoes. Cancer men are amazing and once you fall in love with one it's virtually impossible to forget about him, even when the relationship is rife with problems. You don't have to give up on your dream of a fulfilling and loving future with him. If you want him back, it's essential that you learn how to appeal to his emotional core.

Don't chase after him. If you chase after a Cancer man following an argument or a break up, he'll likely put an emotional wall around himself that you'll never be able to overcome. Men who are born under this sign need time to absorb what's happened and they need space and time to deal with all of the conflicting emotions they are experiencing. Chasing after him will only result in him getting so annoyed with you that he'll pull back.


As tempting as it is to write him a long email trying to explain how desperately you need him, don't. It's also essential that you don't text him or try influencing him by speaking with his friends. The man needs you to give him the freedom to get over the break up on his own schedule. If you can do that, you'll stand a much better chance of getting him to want to be with you again.

Apologize, but only do it once. It's not uncommon for a Cancer man to hold a grudge for some time. these men feel everything very deeply and if he feels that you've wronged him, it may take him a few weeks or even months to get past that. If you have already apologized for anything you might have done that resulted in him being hurt, leave it at all. Trying to apologize to him over and over again isn't going to help. He'll view this as pathetic behavior and your worth in his eyes will be diminished.

If you have yet to apologize, do it today. It's best to do it in person or on the phone, if possible. If you can't an email or text message will have to suffice. Again, don't make this long and don't pour your heart out to him. A very simple and sincere “I'm sorry,” is all that is required. You don't want to open old wounds by delving into the reasons you did what you did. This is not the place or the time for that. Be straightforward and genuine and then drop it.

Keep the details of your relationship problems to yourself. You may feel the need to confide in a close friend because you're struggling so much with the break up, but be careful who you share things with. You don't want to talk about any of this with someone who is mutual friends with your ex. Cancer men like to keep their personal business out of the public eye. He's going to be hurt and mistrust you if you tell someone your side of things and they convey that information to him. It's best to talk about what you're feeling with a close friend who has absolutely no affiliation with your ex.

Another great and safe way to deal with what you're feeling is to journal it. Journaling is not only a perfect way to help you process what you're feeling but it also serves another purpose. Sometimes it's easier to let go of the negativity that you're feeling if you write it down. It's cleansing in a sense and it will help you move on from the break up.

Another similar idea is to write your ex a letter. Share everything you're feeling including the good and the bad and then delete it or rip it up. Just expressing all of those emotions can be very therapeutic for you. You need to rid yourself of everything that is holding you back before you can move forward.

Take things slowly when you hear from your ex again. Once your ex contact you again, be mindful of how quickly things progress between you. Once a Cancer man invests himself in a relationship, he's not one to simply throw it away over something small and insignificant. You two need to talk about what happened before you have any chance of making a reunion work. If you don't deal with what pulled you apart in the first place, you're going to find it will tear you apart again in the future. Your ex may throw your past bad deeds back in your face if they aren't dealt with so take the bull by the horns and address the problems you had and work together to resolve them.

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