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Did you just go through a bad breakup? Do you feel like he is the “one that got away”? Keep hope alive. The relationship may not be over for good, but you are going to have to do a bit of work to improve the situation. However, if you really love someone, putting in the time and effort necessary to repair the relationship should not be a big deal. If you have come to the conclusion that it is time to get your boyfriend back, the following tips should help.

Evaluate the Relationship Honestly


Think back over your time together. What was it that caused the two of you to drift apart? If you find yourself saying, “He did…” or “He should not have…,” pause for a moment and remember that it is never just one person's fault. What could you have done differently? It is important to make a few personal changes before you try and get back your old boyfriend.

Be Persistent

Let's be honest: this is not going to be easy. You probably will not get your boyfriend back after a week. You may not even get him back after a month. It is going to take time, but if you really love him, that should not be a big deal. Keep your mind focused on the future and what you want out of life. If you picture your ex there, it is worth doing all you can to get him back. If one thing doesn't work, try something else. Open up the lines of communication. Show him that you care.


It is not easy to say that you are sorry or that you are at fault for something. Many people get caught up in their pride, and they let their relationship wither as a result. Apologizing is important. It may not come naturally to you, but if you work at it, it will be worth it. When you speak to your boyfriend again, apologize for your role in the breakup and tell him how much he means to you. Saying those simple words could make all the difference.

Breakups are hard, particularly if you are still in love with your significant other. However, by following the steps above, you can try and repair your relationship and get back together with your boyfriend. It will not be easy, and it may not work. However, if you don't try you will never know. And, there is nothing worse than having regrets when it comes to one of your relationships.

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