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Your boyfriend and you had a spat, words were exchanged and both of you ended up with hurt feelings. Then he said he needed a time out from the relationship and he hasn't communicated with you since. You have sent him a million text messages saying you still love him, but when you call him he refuses to talk to you. What your ex boyfriend is doing is playing a psychological trick on you to get the upper hand.

However your ex boyfriend is not the only one who can use psychology to gain control. There is one psychological trick you can use that will reverse the breakup and have your ex running back to you like his pants are on fire. The word psychological might give you the impression that it will be complicated and perhaps dangerous. But, it is easy to understand and no one will be hurt.


Men are stubborn by nature and have a big ego. After an argument it is easier for your ex boyfriend to sulk and refuse to talk to you than say he is sorry. You might be willing to apologize and in fact it could be the reason you have been trying to contact him. But, you can't apologize to someone who just sits like a wounded bear and snaps at anything that comes close to him.

That is where using male psychology to get inside his head becomes necessary. You have to change his attitude and make him see that he is wrong to act this way and needs you in his life. What do you think would be happening if you had dumped your ex boyfriend instead of him dumping you? I can assure you he would be as desperate to get his ex back as you are now.

That is the psychological trick you are going to use to get your ex boyfriend back. You are going to dump him. That might make you ask, “how can I dump him after he broke up with me”? The answer to that question is, you just walk away from him and let your ex boyfriend go. You stop sending text and trying to call him. Simply act as if he no longer exists.

It will take a week or so, but then he will realize that you are not trying to get him back. At first he may think you are only taking a break, however it won't be long before he will see that something is wrong in his life. Nothing makes him happy anymore and he can't eat or sleep. When he realizes these feelings are caused by him missing you so much, he will want to get you back.

Thinking of getting you back will make him wonder if you have found another guy and he might be to late. He will imagine you in another man's arms and the thought will make him wild. This is when he will feel that you have dumped him and the breakup will be reversed. By using this psychological trick, you have only done what you did to get him in the first place. You stayed a little out of his reach and that made him chase you. Remember that and always make him think he has to work to keep you.

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