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Since your boyfriend broke up with you, it is easy to sit around and dream of how great it was when you first met and he couldn't be with you enough. Now everything you do seems to end up with him rejecting you. However, you should realize that he wouldn't be rejecting you if you were not irritating him. If you want your ex boyfriend to chase you again, you have to stop chasing him.

Two people can't chase each other at the same time, one has to be the prize and the other the pursuer. If you are chasing your ex boyfriend you are making him the prize and that gives him the control. He can dodge you by rejecting you or allow you to catch him. Since you are dreaming of how wonderful it was to have him chase you, you should know how he enjoys having you chase him.


By constantly telling your ex that you love him and miss him, you are telling him that he can have you whenever he wants you. That makes him comfortable because he has no fear of losing you. The only way you will make him chase you again is to take away his comfort zone and make him worry about losing you to another guy. Which means that you have to change your tactics completely.

This may be a little scary, but you have to stop having any contact with your ex boyfriend for a few weeks. You have to put some doubt into his mind and make him wonder why you don't want him anymore. Your ex boyfriend will be as shocked as you were when he broke up with you because he will feel like you are dumping him.

Once you start ignoring him, your ex boyfriend won't be having fun with the game he was playing with you. Having his ex girlfriend ignore him is a blow to any man's ego and your ex will begin to feel a desperation to get you back. He can't let his buddies know that the woman he was bragging about dumping doesn't care and she is moving on without him.

Your ex boyfriend will be the one who will want to make contact now, but you can't make it too easy for him. Remember how you were dreaming about having him chase you again? This is your chance because you are back where you started. Your ex boyfriend is desperate to get you back and you need to be a challenge again.

Make sure you don't make the chase too long and discourage him, just do as you did when he first met you. Stay just out of his reach for a while and then let him catch you. But if you want to make sure he never leaves again, you can't allow him to think he ever has quite caught you. By doing that the man you love won't ever take you for granted and he will always be chasing you.

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