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Your first thought when your boyfriend dumped you was that he didn't love you anymore. You are upset and heartbroken because you did everything you could to keep him in love with you and that could be the problem. Guys value their freedom and when he felt himself falling head over heels in love with you, his instinct told him to told him to run.

Of course knowing he was so much in love with you might make the breakup hurt even more, but if he loves you there is a chance of getting him back. However, whether you get your ex back or lose him for good will all depend upon what you do next. Trying to contact him at this time is the worst thing you can do. He knows you love him and want him back, so there is no reason to tell him.


Your ex boyfriend needs time to sort things out. He has to make a decision whether he wants his freedom or you the most. You can help make this decision be in your favor if you show him he can have you and his freedom as well. To do that you have to be willing to let him go for a while. You have to demonstrate your independence and ability to have a life without him.

Most women do not realize that the most critical time for a relationship is when a man is about to make a commitment. He probably grew up seeing his father struggling to meet the household bills. He witnessed his mother's nagging and the arguments it caused between his parents. With this vision of married life why would any man want to commit?

To a woman commitment and marriage mean security, a loving husband with a home and family. To a man it could mean the loss of his freedom. That is the difference in the way men and woman think and if you want your ex back, you have to know how he thinks. This requires knowing something about male psychology and what pushes a guy's hot buttons. Knowing this can not only get your ex boyfriend back, but make him commit and be your man for good.

First of all women fall in love by being close, but men realize their love for a woman when they are away from her. As long as you are around your ex will take you for granted, however give him some time to himself and his mind will begin to play tricks on him. He might not want to give up his freedom, but when he begins to see how much he misses you his freedom will begin to lose it's importance.

Soon his missing you will turn to fear. Not the fear of commitment, but the fear that you might not want him back. He will imagine you in the arms of another man and kick himself for being such a fool. This is how a man's mind works and by using male psychology to show him how much you mean to him, he will be able make his decision and it will be to make a commitment as fast as he can find you.

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