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Everyone said that you and your ex boyfriend seemed so perfect together. You were in love with him and he said that he was in love with you. The two of you had talked about the type of home you wanted and the size f your family. Then you started noticing little things. He wasn't listening as intently to what you were saying and then he said that he thought you should take a break and not see each other for a while.

If you think this is something new, think again. When a relationship begins everything is exciting. You are getting to know each other and discovering something new everyday. But, nothing remains new and exciting forever and it's easy for a man to become bored with the same old routine. He craves a challenge and excitement, but he doesn't want to lose you. This is why your boyfriend suggest a break.


But what your boyfriend means is for the break to only apply to him. He wants the freedom to go out, have fun and maybe date a few women while you sit at home and wait. This make a great setup for him but a miserable one for you. He might send a text or call you now and then to make sure you are still waiting in case he needs someone to fall back on. But, if you allow this to happen, you can forget about your plans for a future with him.

When a man suddenly becomes distant it is because his emotional hot buttons are no longer being pushed. If you want to make your ex boyfriend wild with desire for you again, you have to get inside his head and direct his thinking. To do that, you need to use some male psychology. You probably didn't realize it but you used male psychology to make him wild with desire for you when the two of you first met.

Stop and take time to remember just how you made your ex wild with desire for you. It wasn't by chasing him as you are probably now doing. You did just the opposite and made yourself look unavailable. The more he pursued you the more you ignored him until you became afraid of making him discouraged and you gave in. Your ex boyfriend was proud to show off the prize he had won and that made him happy for a while.

He realized that he was in love with you and that's why he didn't make the break final. However one of two things could have happened. He became bored as we suggested above or he felt he was falling into a trap and needed time to think of what he was getting into. The responsibility of a home and family can weigh heavily on some men and they look for some place to hide.

But no matter what his reason for wanting a break, if you go on with your life as if you never knew him, you will push his hot buttons again. Thinking that you are ready to move on and find someone else will peak his desire for you and your ex boyfriend will soon be chasing you again.

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