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In the world of getting your ex back, Mike Fiore and his Text Your Ex Back system has been getting quite a lot of buzz and for good reason. Certain texting tactics contained in his system like across the bow text messages have also gained quite a bit of attention, as I'll explain further in this article.

In the past, many get your ex back strategies revealed the psychology, steps, and how to behave concerning getting back ex, but they lacked on the things to say to crawl into an ex's mind and seduce them back. Because of Mike Fiore, learning of things to say to get your ex girlfriend back is no longer a mystery.


With past get your ex back systems like The Magic of Making Up, re-contacting an ex was shown in the Magic Letter. However, Mike Fiore's Text Your Ex Back system has created a much better way of re-establishing contact and opening the door of further communication with what's called across the bow text messages.

Instead of using what Michael Fiore calls “nothing texts,” in which we tend to use constantly in everyday life, across the bow texts dramatically increase your ex's willingness to respond.

What are “nothing texts?” Nothing texts are texts such as:

“Hey, how are you?”


“What you up too?”

These texts really don't spark much of a response nor a desire to respond. The trick with across the bow texts is to not only re-open communication but to also plant a seed of positivity in your ex's mind again. This is especially helpful if your break up was less than amicable.

Here's one example of a Mike Fiore Text Your Ex Back “Across the Bow Text Message” example below:

“I just saw the end of the A's game and it put a huge smile on my face knowing how excited you must be. Hope you're doing great.”

Now that's just an example. The point is not just taking this text and copying word for word. You have to tailor or customize it to your ex and what he or she likes to make it work.

See how subtly that across the bow text message can validate an ex's emotion in a positive way if they're an A's baseball fan? See how it lacks of neediness and desperation or puts your ex on the defensive by pressuring them?

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