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While many relationships last long, there are some people who keep on looking for the ideal person they wish to live with that their relationships end one after another. However, it cannot be avoided that relationships can last for quite a long time before deciding to break up. And in some instances, there will always be one of the couple who will try to win back the other and save the relationship. But when one's has enough, he or she may find it unreasonable to get back to together. Here are some of the possible reasons not to get ex back.



Loneliness is a personal choice. If after the break up, you feel lonely and just want to get ex back to have someone to talk to, then don't get your ex back. You're just doing yourself a favor. Being lonely is just temporary state and getting your ex back to ease your lonesomeness is not the answer.

None of you has changed for the better

When you know for yourself that nothing has changed and you still fight over the same things over and over, then there's no reason to get ex back. Unless you decide to change and give it a try, then get ex back with the same things is obviously unnecessary.

Scared to try something new

Relationships, especially those who are together for a long time, tend to deal with it as a habit. So when the moment of breaking up comes, it becomes hard to deal with new things that have actually changed. This is most common among ladies, who get so attached to their boyfriends. However, men and women alike must be strong enough to face the fact that the relationship is over and there aren't enough reasons to get ex back.

You're totally over him/her

Moving on and trying to live a normal life after a break up is one of the toughest things to do. And being able to do this is definitely an achievement. So what's the point of getting the ex back?

Being in a relationship can be the sweetest chapter in anyone's life story but it doesn't always have a happy ever after ending just as fairy tales do. Sometimes, it has to break for you to learn and know whether to fight and get the ex back is truly of worth or not.

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