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If you have recently lost your boyfriend and you still love him you want him back. But if you are like most women, you are making all of the wrong moves and then wondering why your ex boyfriend keeps rejecting you. It is understandable that you are upset and not thinking clearly. After all you have seen your dreams of a happy future with him go up in smoke.

To make things worse, you probably thought your ex was happy and the breakup was a complete shock. Right now getting your ex boyfriend back may seem impossible. However, you can probably get him back and enjoy that rosy future with him, but you have to start making the right moves and it won't happen overnight. Healing hurt feelings takes time and patience.


First of all you must face the fact that your ex boyfriend was not satisfied with your relationship. If everything would have been as rosy for him as it seemed to be with you, he would still be with you. This might not be the result of any one thing you did or said. It usually is a culmination of things. So, instead of trying to think of a certain spat you might have had, you need to look at the big picture.

Since your ex was clearly dissatisfied you have to think of the way he reacted to certain things you did. All men and women have emotional hot buttons. There are things that turn you on and others that make you pull away. Getting your ex boyfriend back could be as simple as knowing which of his hot buttons to push and that will require you to understand how a man's mind works.

All men like a challenge and if you were so much in love with him that you were too available, your ex might have taken you for granted. As long as you keep sending him text messages and making phone calls, you are not a challenge. You are telling him that you can't live without him, so why should he worry about losing you? Which means that your first step to getting your ex back is becoming a challenge to him again.

You were a challenge when he first met you or he would never have chased you to begin with. The trouble started when you gave in and he became too sure of you. The worst part is, he is still too sure of you and that must change. How do you change it? You stop chasing him and start going out and having fun. Since the breakup you have been following your heart instead of your head.

When your ex boyfriend broke up with you, it made you see how much you loved him and missed being with him. If you make him think he has lost you, he should have the same reaction. You will push his emotional hot buttons and he will realize that his life without you is empty. His next reaction will be to realize how much he loves you and needs you in his life. Now you are a challenge again and he won't be able to resist coming after you.

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