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How many times have you sat back and wished for the best-best ways to get your ex back fast? The simple best just isn't good enough when it comes to getting you back together with the love of your life, right? It's completely understandable.

But, what is the best? The best ways to get an ex back fast are not always as simple or cut and dried as they might appear. Sometimes the real strength lies in the ability to be subtle and the willingness to manipulate the situation to your favor. It sounds a little sneaky and possibly a little underhanded but all is fair in love and war, correct?


You'll have to decide for yourself where you want to draw the line and what your comfort zone will allow. While mind games in most relationships are no fun when the relationship is over with, what do you have to lose? More importantly, getting into the head of your ex is the best-best way to get an ex back fast.

How do you put yourself in the head of your ex? Start by placing yourself in your ex's shoes. This is figurative not literal so you don't have to worry about breaking your ankles in twelve-sizes-too-small six-inch stilettos from wearing her shoes. You can also eliminate the worry of discovering new fragrances your nose wasn't ready for after wearing his. But, if you learn to view the relationship from the position of your ex you will gain new perspective on what went wrong and what it's going to take to make things right.

The ability to empathize will serve you will in your efforts to get your ex back. Think back to an argument you had that stands out in memory. How different would that argument have been if you had stopped fighting back and said “I see how you could feel that way and I'm sorry?” It could change the entire depth of the argument too have that moment of empathy and insight.

How do you make that insight work for you? By talking things over with your ex. You need to give it some time before you reach out to your ex in hopes of talking. Allow both of you a little time to remove yourself from the emotional touchiness that often follows a breakup.

One month to six weeks is a good start and ask your ex to talk with you. If your ex says yes be identify with his (or her) feelings during your talks and let your ex know that you could have handled things better. If things seem to be going well ask to start over at square one. Don't ask to pick things up where you left off because where you left off was a bad place. Go back to the beginning and build new memories together instead of being haunted by the past.

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