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When you find out that your boyfriend has cheated on you, it nearly breaks your heart. You feel like something must be wrong with you or he would not have felt he needed to have sex with someone else. However, that might not be true at all. The fault is more likely to be with the fact that he is a male. This is not a way to make excuses for a man cheating, but if you know what makes a man tick, it might keep you from blaming yourself.

The male of any species is usually the predator.This trait is in their biological and psychological makeup. In other words it is handed down in their genes. There is a deep down urge to pass their genes on and eliminate rivals. This is not as strong an urge as it was in the days of the cave man, of course. If it was there would be no marriage and males would still be fighting over mating with as many females as possible.


Some of these may apply as the reason for your boyfriend's cheating. But instead of a desire to reproduce, the reason was more likely sex. This might make you feel you were not fulfilling his needs, but that might or might not be true. People do have different sex drives and the act of sex can become dull and routine. There is always more thrill and satisfaction in the first conquest, especially for the man.

Your boyfriend could have had other reasons for cheating. He might have felt unappreciated and had a need to boost his ego. It's a macho thing for guys to be able to brag about how easy they can pick women up and seduce them. Peer pressure can have a lot to do with cheating. Hearing his buddies brag about their conquests makes him want to do them one better.

How can you get over his cheating and keep it from happening again? First of all you should not confront him and make accusations. The reason for his cheating might have been to force a confrontation and make it easier to breakup. Should you cheat on him as a payback? What would that accomplish? It would only cause more of a problem because you might have a hard time getting rid of the guy you cheated with.

Some men will feel so guilty over cheating that they will never cheat again. Others may find it exciting and cheat over and over again. All you can do about keeping a man from cheating is be his best friend. Being his lover is not enough, you have to make him a devoted friend. Lovers cheat on each other, but friends rarely do.

Lovers are not so hard to find, but a friend that you can trust to be there when you need them can be very scarce.When you become each others best friend your boyfriend will not want to lose you because of a moment of sexual satisfaction.

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