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What is it with men? Your relationship seems to be perfect and one day he walks in and says he needs a break. This leaves you stunned and wondering what you did to make him stop loving you. You sit for days trying to think of what you could have done to turn him so much against you that he won't even communicate with you. But, all you can think of is that you don't want to lose him for good.

This causes you to attempt staying close to him by sending text, email and trying to get your ex to answer your phone calls. Nothing works and you become more and more desperate. What's happening is, you are doing the exact opposite of what makes a man come running back to you. By telling him of your undying love, you are building his ego. He might not be conscious of it, but your ex boyfriend is enjoying your suffering.


Remember what a hard time you gave him when the two of you first met? You probably ignored him and made him practically beg you for a date. Then you continued to play hard to get until you thought he was ready to give up. You enjoyed seeing your ex boyfriend suffer and it built your ego to have a man so much in love with you. Are you starting to see what foolish games people play in the name of love?

Although your ex boyfriend is enjoying you chasing him, he is also losing respect for you. Men do not think a woman should be chasing them. Since the beginning of time the male has chased the female and many men resent a woman whom they consider too forward. Another thing your ex might not admit is, he enjoys the chase. Men are competitive by nature and the way to get your ex back and make him happy is to get him chasing you again.

The main reason your ex boyfriend won't talk to you is because men do not like to argue. It's even worse when you are crying and begging during the argument. This make your man uncomfortable and that is the reason he continues to reject you. That should tell you how to get your ex back. If he doesn't want to argue or have you chase him, what is the alternative?

You agree with him and tell him the breakup is probably for the best. Then prove to him that you feel that way. If you need a break the same as him, you wouldn't sit around the house moping and waiting for your ex to call. This doesn't mean that you should date other men, but you can make your ex think you are about to find another boyfriend.

By agreeing that the breakup was a good idea, you have made your ex boyfriend feel like you are dumping him. This will arouse his competitive nature. Then when he hears about you being out with your friends having a good time, he will feel an urgency to get you back before you find another guy. By using this simple and easy tactic you can get your ex back fast.

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