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There are millions of people around us but we cannot develop same feelings for all of them. The reason of feeling something for a person depends on the kind of relationship.

When the relationship based on love, it is the most charming relation. Sometimes, the two lovers cannot stay together and get apart. They may try to find someone else or regret on their loss.


If you have faced the breakup and really want to recover it then make yourself courageous. Candace Bushnell says, “Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.”

God has given power to men and stamina to women. She can change the world with her determination. So, do not get pessimistic. Make the full use of your mind and try to discover how to save a relationship after a breakup?

You feel dishearten and want to keep on weeping all the time. But you have to be clear that your tears cannot solve your problem. If you really want to save your relationship then be peaceful and use all your energy in making strategy.

Here I am introducing some strategies that you have to keep in mind. If you save your relationship then take influential steps. Keep in your mind these ways of saving relationship so that you cannot divert from them.

Do not become emotional:

You will astonish that how a person looks normal after a breakup?It's true and seems impossible. But you want ex back, and then do not waste your time in making yourself disappointed. You have to get courage and face the terrible situation.

Think About Your Deeds:

Now, you have to recall all the past events. What were the major issues that were the cause of your breakup? You have to find out your role in this break up. What were your faults and how was your behavior? Think about it and try to make your self more sophisticated and patience. It is better to say that mould your self as your ex wanted to you. These are the ways to save a relationship.

Let Your Partner serene:

Your partner is angry with you. He does not want you anymore just because of your mistakes. Do not disturb him again and again by making contact with him. He will get aggravated with you. Let him tranquil and then start your work

Apologize To Your Ex:

It is the time to be aware of your mistakes and apologize to your ex. You have to confess that you are ashamed of what was done by you and will try to change your self. Apologize to your ex and save a failing relationship. If he is polite, he will forgive you at the same moment. On the other hand, if he is a hard kind of a man then you have to work more seriously.

Avoid Calling Or Meeting Your Ex:

You have to confess your mistakes. If he is still angry then leave him on his situation. Let him think and lessen his wrath. With the passage of time, his fury will come to an end and he will keep on remembering you. He will miss you. He would like to see you. He will automatically come to you or make a call.

Now, show your regret and ask for forgiveness. This is the time when he will have soft corner for you and will accept you again as your lover. It is the best way to know how to save a relationship after a breakup?

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