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Once you get over the shock of having your boyfriend breakup with you, you will probably start wondering if he still cares for you. Do men give off any signs that tell you they miss you and want you back? The answer to that is yes, but you have to be sure you read the signs right and pick the right time to approach him.

It's very important that you don't let your mind play tricks on you and see things that aren't there. Making a move before he is ready could cause him to pull farther away from you and ruin any chance you may have of getting back the man you love. That's why it's important to wait until you have your emotions in check before you even look for the signs that your ex boyfriend still loves you and wants you back.


However four or five weeks after the breakup, you should have your head clear enough to look for these signs. Still you need to be sure that you are not seeing things that aren't there before you take any action. Don't let yourself get carried away and look like a fool. When he begins to miss you and yearn to have you back in his arms, these are some signs that will be easy to see.

Your ex boyfriend might be afraid to contact you, but your friends will tell you that he has been asking if you are dating anyone. If he wasn't still interested in you your ex boyfriend would not care if you were dating or not. It also shows that he is thinking about you and misses you very much. But don't move too fast and let him know you are waiting for him. Tell your friends to say they don't know for sure.

You may start running into him or catching sight of him at the mall or other places he knows you frequent. Once could be an accident, but if it happens several times, you can be sure that he just wants to see you and be as near to you as he feels he can. A man who is done with a woman will make it a point to stay as far away from her as possible.

His next move will usually be to make contact with you by sending a text or perhaps even calling you. He will use some excuse like asking if he left something at your place. Answer him by saying that you will look for it and call him back. Don't be too anxious to call him back. Wait a few days and let him wonder if you are just going to ignore him.

This is your opportunity to make him realize how important you are to his life. Waiting a few days to call him back will seem like an eternity to your ex boyfriend. By the time he hears your voice again he may be ready to ask you to meet him for a talk and you will be on your way to getting back the man you love.

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