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Men can be unpredictable creatures; one minute he's the same as usual and the next moment he's dumping you because he wants more space. There are all sorts of reasons for this; maybe he wants more time to go out with the lads, maybe he has family or money worries or maybe he's just frightened of a long term commitment. Here are five tips to help you answer the “how to get my ex back question” if he needs more space.

Tip #1 – Obviously, you don't want to appear needy or clinging and neither do you want to lose face but let's face it, you do want him back so this won't be easy but playing a little hard to get may be a good idea, particularly if you're seen around town with another man.


Tip #2 – Even if you've split up, there's no reason why you can't keep in touch with your ex. Chat if you see him, send the odd text or phone occasionally. Keep the number of contacts down so he doesn't feel like you're chasing him; they're just to remind him that you still exist and hopefully he'll remember what he's missing.

Tip #3 – When you've been following the above strategy for a while, you can safely assume that he's still interested in you. This is a good time to happily reminisce about your good times together and laugh about funny incidents that involved the pair of you and your mutual friends. Needless to say, you shouldn't mention any bad times or arguments.

Tip #4 – Learn to recognise when you've failed. If your ex boyfriend still doesn't seem particularly interested in resuming your relationship, despite your subtle ploys, then maybe he just isn't ready to start again. Maybe whatever caused him to need space in the first place is still going on. However, if he's still being quite friendly, it's worth persevering with the same approach

Tip #5 – If your ex does appear to be interested, now might be a good time to tell him how you feel and how much you'd like the two of you to get back together. Again, don't be needy or clingy, just state your case and maybe you'll need to agree to certain times when you'll be apart if he wants to go out with his mates or needs to take his mum to the hospital for tests.

Hopefully these tips will set you on the road to answering the “how to get my ex back” question and you'll be able to rekindle your relationship. Check Text your Ex back Now!

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