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Love is indeed a battlefield. It is a tug-of-war between sacrifices and comprises. To love is to be vulnerable to pain and complications. Every couple who's able to withstand “the war field” emerges as victors.

If you're one of the women who deserve a second chance to redeem themselves, here's a quick guide to help you win your ex-boyfriend back. These steps will show you how to prepare for the biggest fight of your life.


Get your goals straight. Let's start with the basics. Why do you want to be with him again? What's your driving force? Is it because of love? After parting ways, did you just realize that you are still into him, all flaws and good points? Is it marriage? Perhaps, your biological clock is ticking and you're in that stage when you want to settle down and he's the best candidate. Is it passion? Do you miss the intense attraction, the excitement, the human connection and all the advantage pheromones bring every time you are together? Take a long look at yourself and contemplate – why did you break up? Is it you? Is it him? Is there a third party involved? If circumstances will permit, would you be ready to face the same kind of situation that drew you apart? How would you deal with it this time? Keep in mind that if you pursue him, there's a big chance that you'd encounter the obstacles that made you give up the relationship. How far are you willing to go and how persistent can you be? Be sure to define your purpose thoroughly. There will be several instances in the future when this will be the only thing that will keep you going.

Reincarnate the OLD you. It may have been weeks, months or years since you said your goodbyes. One way or another, things would certainly have changed. What made him fall for you in the first place? Is it your smile and positivity? Your independence or inner strength? Your looks and body? Make a list of the traits and characteristics that he adores about you – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do you still have them? Choose which among them you can revive.

Be the version 2.0. The previous trick may work but then again, a warrior queen must always have a secret weapon to succeed. One thing you should know about men is that, they love mysteries. If you would stay exactly the same way as before, sure, you might take him down the memory lane and even light that hidden spark within him that made him fall for you. However, this may not pose a challenge to him anymore in the next days to come. Your workaround? Stun him. Prove that you've changed too but for the better. If you were a bit laidback before and you're not so much now, give him a glimpse of that. Be the most interesting puzzle he couldn't solve. If you have that “conservative slash old-fashioned” appearance back then that he likes so much, work towards improving them. You can maintain your outlook and still be daring in other aspects. Use bright colors that accentuate your skin tone. Sport a seductive hairstyle that is least expected of you. Wear irresistible pheromone cologne in pulse areas that would catch him off-guard. The more you surprise him, the higher the possibility of getting his full attention back. This would signify that he knows you but then, there's a lot to discover yet and this could turn exciting!

Do your research. What has he been up to? Is he with a girl now? Are they getting serious? Search for signs that he hasn't gotten over you yet – does he date? Or if he does, is he doing it frequently with a trail of seemingly perfect gorgeous women? If it's the latter, do not be discouraged because chances are, he might just be trying to forget you. The longer the trail is, the better. It could mean that he's looking for something they don't have, and maybe, only you possess. Learn what you can about him and his activities so you can think of your next set of actions.

Plan your attack. How would you enter his life in a subtle manner? It should create an impression that it was all unintentional. When would be the right moment? Explore different options to gain his interest again without appearing desperate.

Last but definitely not the least, believe in yourself. Believe that you have it, that you are a winner, and most of all, you are meant to be together.

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