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No matter how much you are hurt by the breakup and no matter how much you still love the guy, you can't let your ex boyfriend know it. He has already shown that he wants to take some time away from you or he would never have dumped you. Everything is different from the time he was overcome with desire for you and felt that he couldn't live without you.

You probably never expected him to change, but men can be very unpredictable at times and their attitude can change almost overnight. In the first place being in a relationship is not the most natural situation for him. Like most men your ex boyfriend has the genes of a roamer and he is constantly attracted by other women. If you allow him to become bored, there is a good chance that he will be tempted to find out what he is missing.


When he breaks up with you, it does not necessarily mean that he no longer is in love with you, but love and being content are not always the same thing. Having your favorite food everyday can get boring unless it is spiced up now and then. Of course if you thought your favorite food was no longer available, you would start to crave it. It's human nature to want what is scarce.

Now think of your favorite food again. What if you pushed it away, but someone tried to make you eat it? You would feel resentment toward that person, right? That is what happens when you chase your ex boyfriend and try to force yourself on him. He feels resentment and pulls farther away from you. Everything in life is controlled by the law of supply and demand. If something is too plentiful, the desire for it decreases.

When your ex boyfriend broke up with you, he became scarce and you ran after him saying that you couldn't live without him, but to get your ex back, you will have to make him think he can't live without you. Which should tell you that instead of trying to force yourself on him, you have to become scarce. The only way you can get him back is make him think he can't live without you.

To make him desire you again, you have to show your ex boyfriend that other men desire you. Get dressed in your sexiest clothes and go out with your friends. Flirt with other guys, but don't date any of them. Make sure your ex hears about how attractive you are to other guys and then disappear. Take a trip or just stay away from your ex boyfriend for a few weeks.

When your ex boyfriend sees that you may be gone from his life for good, he will feel the old desire for you and think he can't live without you. Once you have him back, always keep him wanting more of you and he will always be hungry for your love.

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