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A breakup can change your personality from being an independent, self reliant person to a crying, emotional mess. A lot of the reason for this change is psychological. Sure, you may still be deeply in love with the guy who dumped you, but there is more to your desperation than love. You also feel ashamed and embarrassed. You hate to tell your family and friends you have been dumped.

Another reason for your emotions to be in high gear is the fact that you think your ex might be gone for good. You feel an urgency to get him back, no matter if you have to lose your pride and dignity. Every minute of every night and day, getting your ex back is the only thought you have. The breakup has gotten inside your head and pushed your emotional hot buttons to the max.


That should answer the question of can you get your ex boyfriend back by using male psychology. You have to make him become so desperate that you will be the only thing on his mind and he will be desperate to get you back. You have to get inside his head and push his emotional hot buttons. To do that you just need to settle down and know how your ex boyfriend thinks.

From the time your ex boyfriend met you, he was always trying to win you. You were always the one in control and he was afraid of losing you. He is still the same guy who chased you, but now you are looking at him in a different way. The breakup was probably caused by some trivial thing and your ex felt he was unappreciated, or you might have been pushing too hard for a commitment and he felt trapped.

Whatever the reason for the breakup, the minute you started crying and begging him, he saw you in a different way. He was not afraid of losing you anymore and suddenly he is in control. He is enjoying his new position, like a king sitting on a throne and as long as he enjoys it, you will never get him back. He broke up with you because he was dissatisfied about something. To get him back you have to make him dissatisfied with being without you.

Can male psychology help with this? It not only can help, but it can teach your ex boyfriend a lesson he will never forget, The nice thing about it is, all you have to do is stop chasing him and go out and have some fun. When you are no longer trying to get your ex back, he will want to come back because he does not want to lose you for good.

When he hears of you out where other guys can hit on you, he will become desperate to get you back. However, you cannot just fall back into his arms. You have to make him work for you, just as he did at the start. The harder he has to work, the more his male psyche will want to make sure of you. This could cause him to make the commitment you have been dreaming of.

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