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When you are still in love with your ex boyfriend after a breakup, the last thing you think you can ever do is forget him. However that's what you may have to do if you want to get back the man you love. Or at least you have to make him think that you have forgotten him. Of course your heart will be telling you to go after him and do anything you can to get him back, but that will only make him pull farther away.

The great thing about forgetting your ex is that it can also give you a choice, but you must do exactly what you need to do and don't look at this as a game. The only way you can convince your ex boyfriend that you have forgotten him is to convince yourself. To do that you have to sit down and list all of the negative qualities he has. Be honest and don't try to sugarcoat his faults. This list will serve as your restraint whenever you get the urge to contact him.


You will also need to get rid of all reminders of him. Delete his cell phone number and any pictures that remind you of him. If you can't force yourself to get rid of them, pack them up and give them to your best girlfriend for safe keeping. The same goes for any letters or gifts he sent you. This won't be easy, but make yourself think of how he has hurt and rejected you. That should make you feel anger toward him.

When you have finished with your task, you should feel a sense of relief and freedom. The attachment you felt to him will be nearly gone and you might begin to wonder if you really want him back. Don't stop now because you should get with your friends and go out to celebrate your new freedom. Don't date any guys because you are not ready yet and any new relationship would be a rebound and both you and the guy you date could be hurt.

Just start living your life as you did before you met your ex boyfriend. Make your job or school subjects the main focus of your life. Do some work with the handicap or take up a hobby, anything to occupy your time and mind. Your activities will not go unnoticed by your ex boyfriend and he will be shocked that you could let him go so easily. His ego and pride will take a blow and he will start wondering if the breakup was a mistake.

By showing your ex boyfriend that you can forget him, you are pushing his emotional hot buttons and he will start thinking of all of your good points. Instead of forgetting you, he will feel a desire for you that grows stronger everyday. Soon your ex will realize that there is only one thing he can do and that will be to get you back. This will be when he starts chasing you again, and you will have a decision to make.

Now that you have gone to all of this trouble to forget him, do you really want him back? Don't make any snap decision about this because it will effect the rest of your life. You have a new sense of freedom, so make sure you really want this guy for good before you give up any part of that freedom.

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