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Wouldn't life be grand if our relationships never hit a rough patch? Imagine waking up each day with the knowledge that your connection with your girlfriend is emotionally secure. It would be a dream come true in many ways, wouldn't it? You'd no longer have to wonder what she was thinking or if she was entertaining the idea of leaving you. The threat of a break up just wouldn't exist and in many ways that would mean a closer, more bonded connection with you two. Unfortunately, that's not the way life works, is it? There are going to be times when things between you and the woman you adore just aren't as ideal as you'd like. If she's pulling away from you, you're bound to panic, and you're going to start wondering whether a break up is the next step she's about to take. How you handle yourself and the relationship when she is creating some distance will actually have a great impact on whether she does indeed walk out the door forever.

Don't Panic When She Starts Pulling Away


You love your girlfriend so it's understandable that you'd panic the moment you sense that she's trying to create some distance between the two of you. Maybe she outright said that she needs some time or space or perhaps she's more subtle about it. Either way, it's hard not to jump to the conclusion that she's on the verge of dumping you. It's natural for you to want to stop the problem before it escalates. That's why many men will shower their girlfriend with unexpected gifts or try to get her to talk about her feelings right when she shifts the dynamic of the relationship.

If you try too hard now and crowd her in an emotional sense when she's made it crystal clear that she'd like some distance, you're going to cause more harm to your already delicate bond. Not only will your girlfriend have to balance everything she's feeling but she'll also feel that she has the weight of your emotions on her shoulders too. It's very likely that she'll begin to resent you for this. She'll also see you as someone who can't handle an emotional situation.

As hard as it seems, you must try and calm yourself when she does indicate, either verbally or through her actions that she wants some distance. You have to appear to accept it. By doing so you'll be demonstrating to her that you want her to do what is best for her which in turn shows that you're not selfish.

Give Your Girlfriend All The Time and Space She Needs

Relationships are either made or broken when one partner decides they need some time. Although it instantly feels as though a break up is the next step, that doesn't always happen. Many couples who take a break end up happier and more committed to one another than ever before.

By not panicking and allowing your girlfriend the distance that she requires, you'll be showing her that the relationship and her feelings matter more to you than anything else. You'll also be demonstrating that you're strong enough, in an emotional sense, to handle the rollercoaster of emotions that often come with being in love.

It's not recommended that you create too much distance of your own during this time. You should still reach out to her on a regular basis so she knows that you're a supportive and devoted partner. Just be certain that you don't express too often how much you need her, love her and how you absolutely can't live without her. She already knows these things and if you repeatedly stress these points, she will begin to feel you're pressuring her into more than she may be able to give you emotionally right now.

Be Available to Talk Whenever She Needs You

Once a woman has had some time to fully evaluate where her relationship is and where she wants it to go, she will want to discuss her feelings with her boyfriend. That means that you must be emotionally ready for that conversation at any time.

The way you handle yourself during this discussion will be crucial to the future of your connection. Even if your girlfriend announces that she'd like to take an official “break” don't fall into a million emotional pieces. Try to stay clear headed and express to her that you don't want to take that step but you're not going to beg her to stay. That is a very powerful statement for any man to make when he's facing a future without his girlfriend. If she senses that you're not about to chase after her, she may seriously reconsider whether a break up is really what she wants and needs.

Never lose sight of the fact that women handle their emotions in a dramatically different way than men do. Your girlfriend may need space because she's unsure of where the relationship is headed. By giving her what she needs you'll be shining a spotlight on why you're such a perfect partner for her. All women long for a man who puts their needs first, respects their wishes and gives them the emotional support they need.

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