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Your ex may very well have been the most important person in your life before. And because of that, you've had ample time apart to now know that you want him or her back into your life once again. But the burning questions are what to do and how to do it?

The actual steps you have to follow as far as how to get your ex back is concerned, really depends on when, and under what circumstances, the two of you broke up. If the breakup happened months or years ago, and you've both had past and present relationships in-between, here are some of the most effective ways to draw him or her back to you:


1. Be an old friend

In other words, come in peace. Don't go out there barging into your ex's life like you never left. Remind yourself that the romance you shared was some time ago and a fair bit of water has since passed under that proverbial bridge. The flame that once was just can't simply be rekindled with a quick snap of the fingers. Work has to be done.

2. Hang around with each other often

Good old friends hang out together, right? When you two see each other, it doesn't have to be strictly a date. You two can go out with a group or a bunch of friends that you happen to have in common. You can also take her to neutral open places with people around instead of an expensive secluded restaurant right away. Loosen up. You want to first know how she feels about taking you back. Hanging out together is also a good way to know if she's dating other guys so that there are no illusions as to what (or more aptly – who) you might be up against.

3. Be extra sweet

You can be sweet and flirty to a lot of girls but you've got to be a notch more caring and loving to your ex. If she feels it and is flattered, you've most likely got higher than average chances of getting her back. But if she feels uncomfortable, back off a little. You don't want poor timing to extinguish what ever flicker of hope there might be.

4. Tell them how you feel

Action speaks louder than words so this tip on how to get your ex back takes the back burner. But you've got to tell them somehow. Don't leave your ex wondering what you're up to. Tell them your pure intentions after they've has warmed up to you and go from there. If your ex agrees, you're lucky. If they refuse, you have to go back to step one until you finally melt their heart again.

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