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You may have been looking for advise to get your ex boyfriend back and been told that to get your ex back, you have to make him chase you. The problem may be that they don't tell you how to make him chase you again or what to do when you do get your ex running after you. This is because most people giving advise assume that since you are a woman, you know all about these things.

The fact is, you do already know, but you are so emotionally upset by losing the man you love that you are doing everything the opposite of what you should be doing. Men, are aggressive animals and they love to chase. If something or someone is too easy to catch, they become bored and start looking for more of a challenge. This could be the reason you lost your ex boyfriend and why you are having such a hard time getting him back.


Just look at yourself, you probably love your ex boyfriend and think that is the reason you want him back. But, it is human nature to want something you feel you can't have. When he broke up with you, he was no longer your man and that made you want him even more. The more he ignores you, the more you want your ex back.

All of this is psychological and if you can make your ex feel that he can no longer have you, don't you think you will be more desirable to him? A breakup doesn't mean that his love for you is gone. Love doesn't die overnight, but it can be hidden and if he is ignoring you it is because he is afraid of showing that love. In order to break down the barriers he has set up, you have to play his game.

When he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend knew that you still were in love with him and he was counting on your natural feelings to cry and beg him to come back. It could be that something you said or did hurt his feelings and like a little boy, he wants to be coaxed. The problem with coaxing him, just like a little boy, it will make him act worse and he will keep trying to make you beg.

However, if you ignore a little boy and let him sulk awhile, what usually happens? He come to you and says he is sorry and begs you to forgive him. Your ex boyfriend is no different. If you ignore him and let him sulk for awhile, he will wonder what you are doing and if you still love him. He will feel alone and start to miss being with you. That is when he will knock down his barriers and start chasing you again.

You will be excitd to have him chasing you again, but if you are too easy on him, he will run off again and sulk the first time something upsets him. Just like a little boy, he must be taught that he can't always have his way. Don't make it so hard on him that he gets discouraged, just show him that he has to respect your feelings too. Boyfriend's do not usually come fully trained, but once you have your boyfriend trained, he will be very lovable.

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