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Things can look pretty dark when your boyfriend says he wants to end your relationship. You thought he loved you and was planning a future with you, now that all seems to have gone up in smoke. You wonder what you will do without seeing his smile, hearing his voice and feeling his arms around you. Your whole life is turned upside down.

It may not seem possible now, but you can get your ex back by using male psychology to reverse the breakup and hear him say that he can't live without you. All you have to do is make him feel the pain of the breakup in the same way you are feeling it now. You might ask why your ex boyfriend would feel this pain when he was the one who wanted the breakup.


The answer to that is, you are going to take the action that will cause him to not only admit that the breakup was a mistake, but he will beg you to forgive him for hurting you. This is not a way of getting revenge or being cruel. You will just be getting inside his head and making him change his attitude. The best part of this will be that you can do it without your ex realizing what you are doing.

A boyfriend can sometimes get too sure of himself and think their girlfriend is so much in love with him that he can treat her anyway he chooses and she will keep coming back for more. But if you show him that you can have a life without him, everything changes. When you refuse to beg him to love you and accept the breakup, your ex will not be so sure of himself.

Your ex boyfriend will wonder if he misjudged your love for him and there will be a gnawing feeling in his mind that maybe it was you who wanted the breakup. He will have thoughts of you being with another guy right now and feel that you might have been seeing someone else all along. This will be a big blow to his ego and he will have to find out for sure.

When he starts having these feelings, your ex boyfriend will be in the same position you were in when he broke up with you. By using male psychology and refusing to beg for his love the breakup has been reversed. Your ex boyfriend now feels like you have dumped him and it will make him humiliated and desperate to get you back.

The problem a woman has when her boyfriend dumps her is going into a panic mode and desperately trying to talk sense to her man. This gives him control of you and he will play with you like a cat plays with a mouse. He might not have intended to make the breakup permanent, but seeing you so weak and needy could cause him decide to move on.

This is why you need to keep your emotions under control and use male psychology to reverse the breakup. It will make getting your ex back a lot easier.

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