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You are worrying your brains out by trying to think of how to get your ex boyfriend back. Most often your own thinking and concept will be bad to actually use on getting him back. Most women think by worrying they can get their ex to give them another chance. It doesn't work and it actually is very unproductive. What you ought to do, is to be your real self; the person who you have always been. But in this light, it has to be your better self; not a bad self.

You are desperately trying to get him back, but you must note that, pretentious character and acting to be truly sorry or any other act up that isn't real will only make the situation worse and not helpful. You must be real and genuine in all that you do with regards to your ex and getting him back. When you act up or fake emotions and feelings, you put yourself at the risk of been exposed. This would not point in good light as your ex would only have the picture of you as someone who just wants to get him back without changing anything properly.


You shrive to be real and strive to be as genuine as possible with ex, you intend apologizing, please do this with all honesty and try not to be crooked and manipulative. You should tell the truth at all times and not pretend to be what you are not. Your ex probably knows you for something particular and that when you begin to act up he will feel disgusted. If there is something your ex is doing, and you are not comfortable with it, please don't act up just because you want him back and pretend to be ok with it, tell him you feel and just be yourself generally and in all aspects. Ensure that your ex sees the you he is used to and do not try to be someone else or portray a different character.

As you are concentrating on getting your ex back, this is the time for you to recall and call favorite movie; well, why not invite him over to the cinema to watch the movie? Or maybe his favorite hangout spot, you could invite him out for a drink or even for lunch. If is his favorite meal, you could prepare it for him whenever he comes around or you could always play his music whenever you get the chance.

When your ex observes that you are taking the thing he values seriously or enjoying his favorites, it will really touch his heart and make him draw nearer to you. You should always appreciate him through this medium by, remembering all those he used to indulge in, all those favorites stuff he loved and even his favorite meal. There are some guys who like some particular things about women in general and the woman they are dating. If your ex falls in this category, then you need to recollect all the special and particular things about you that he really loved about you. For instance maybe he love your natural hair down, or maybe he love your nails fixed and looking glamorous, or maybe he love the way you wore a particular outfit. Whatever the particular thing might be depending on your ex, you just have to go about doing it.

This is one way to get your ex back to you. You should also do this often so your ex would understand you are really ready to get back with him again. You can actually get your ex back by been your real self and looking forward to his coming back.

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