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When your ex boyfriend keeps rejecting every attempt you make to contact him, getting him back might seem impossible. However he might not be as stubborn as he seems to be and he is just enjoying the sight of you begging him to want you again. All it may take is making him change his attitude and you can do that by using male psychology to get inside his head and make him come running after you again.

As long as you let your ex know that you are desperate to have him back, he is going to keep rejecting you. It's not that he doesn't love you anymore, it's just the way men are. It feeds their ego to have a lovely girl like you throwing yourself at him and it will be hard for him to give it up. Besides he planned the breakup and you were in a state of shock which gave him the advantage from the start. So you have to stop playing his game.


Once you turn things around and make your ex boyfriend play your game, his attitude will change immediately. But, to do that you have to use some male psychology to get inside his head and make him start worrying about losing you. Stop thinking that your ex is hard to understand, he is the same guy that you had running in circles after you a short time ago.

What do you think made him case you when he first met you. Sure, he was attracted to your physical attributes, but more than that it was his pride and ego. He probably made the first move on you and your instinct took over and you acted like you were not interested in him. That got inside his head and bruised his ego. But, now he is acting like he is no longer interested in you and you are feeding his ego by chasing him.

It's easy to see what has happened here. The roles have become reversed and you won't get your ex boyfriend back until you put things back into their proper order. You have to make your ex start chasing you again. Two people can't be chasing each other at the same time, which means that to make him chase you again, you have to stop chasing him.

Just walking away and ignoring him may be a scary thing to do. You are afraid to leave him alone because you think he will forget you and find someone else. But, the opposite will be more likely to happen and he will be shocked that you could reject him and walk away. Suddenly he can't take you for granted anymore and you have regained his desire.

By showing your ex boyfriend that you can move on without him, all of his plans are ruined and having you ignore him is something he won't be able to take. By using some simple male psychology you can have him chasing you again in record time.

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