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Marriage Crisis

Most ex boyfriends take on an attitude after a breakup. The reason this happens is because he feels in control. He can reject every attempt you make to communicate with him because he feels you will keep coming back. When nothing you try has any effect on him, you will probably go searching for advice on getting your ex back and you will find plenty of it out there.

Most of this advice will tell you to stop chasing your ex boyfriend and ignore him. However, you are afraid to leave him alone. You know there were other girls after him when you got him and you are afraid they will be after him again. In your way of thinking, you should continue to text him constantly and tell him how much you miss him and of your eternal love for him. But, stop and think, has this changed his attitude toward you?


In searching for a way to get your ex boyfriend back, you will see the words male psychology and might think it is something too complicated and risky to use. However there has been a lot of research put into this and the experts know what they are talking about. Certain things you do will cause your ex boyfriend's to react in a negative way, which is what you are now doing and others will make him react in a positive manner.

Everyone has emotional hot buttons that are controlled by taste, feel, loss and memory. Your ex boyfriend is no exception. You have probably seen his eyes light up when he gets the aroma of his favorite food. If he lost a favorite pet as a young boy, you have seen the look of sadness on his face as he told you about it. These were circumstances that aroused his emotions in these cases, but by using male psychology, you can push his emotional hot buttons at will.

If you think that ignoring your ex boyfriend won't make him change his attitude, look what he is accomplishing by ignoring you. He has you confused and running after him with no regard to losing your pride or dignity. Meanwhile he sits back in complete control and lets you feed his ego. It is a game of seeing to what limits you will push yourself in order to get your ex boyfriend back.

The sad truth is that you will probably never get your ex back until you gain the control. Another sad truth is that the way to get this control is right before your eyes. If you keep chasing him because he is ignoring you, what would happen if you ignored him. What would happen is his male genes would begin reacting in a more positive way toward you.

Male psychology will tell you that men cannot stand to be ignored by an ex girlfriend. It embarrasses him in front of his buddies, but he will also be afraid of losing you for good. He will stop playing games with your heart and realize that the breakup was a mistake. This is when you will gain control and your ex boyfriend will be chasing you again.

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