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Marriage Failure

The end of a relationship is one thing, having to deal with the fact that your ex boyfriend is already dating again is another thing entirely. There are many conflicting emotions that strike a woman when she first realizes her ex has moved on. Anger, sadness, regret and disappointment all collide. Deep in your heart you know that he's making a mistake because you're the woman he's destined to be with, but how do you convey that to him in a way that doesn't make you look petty and jealous? It's a delicate line to have to walk, but if you take the right approach in this heart wrenching situation you can make the man want you more than he's ever wanted anyone else including his new girlfriend.

Accept His Decision to Date Again


Until you accept that your ex boyfriend has started dating again, you're not going to be able to use this situation to your advantage. You're going to continue to wallow in your own self pity about why he chose the new woman over you and how you can convince him that she's all wrong for him. Negative thoughts like this are going to work against you. You're going to remain stuck in a very difficult spot emotionally and everyone around you will notice it, including your ex boyfriend.

Men and women don't deal with break ups the same way. For us, as women, we tend to hold onto the dying relationship for as long as possible. We believe that if we let it go we'll lose it forever. That's simply not the case. Often, especially when it comes to break ups, if you can let it go, you'll find it will renew itself, in time. The difficult feelings of the separation will be replaced with fond memories and you and your ex boyfriend will find yourself becoming friends.

You need to speed up that process by accepting him for who he is. Yes, he's dating again and no, there's little you can do about that. Accept it and soon you'll see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Support Him in His New Relationship

Being best friends with an ex boyfriend is rarely easy and that's even more true if you're in love with him. But you need to find an avenue to get back into his life and being a supportive, loving and fun friend is the perfect route for you to take. This isn't ideally what you're hoping for, but it's important that you view it as an essential stepping stone towards getting him back for good.

When he tells you that he's dating again, try not to allow your emotions to bubble to the surface. If you can find the emotional courage to tell him that you're happy for him, you'll score big points. He's likely expecting you to become sad or angry at the news that he's already moved on. If you don't react in his expected way, you'll gain the upper hand.

Your goal with this is to show him that you don't feel threatened at all by his new relationship. If he suggests that you meet a woman he's dating, embrace the experience. Be kind to her and show him that you're mature enough to handle the fact that he's moved on and found someone new.

Become His Trusted Confidante

Typically when a man jumps quickly into a new relationship after a break up, it's filled with problems. Men tend to hold their emotions in until they reach a point where they feel as though they'll burst. He'll need someone to confide in when his new relationship hits choppy waters and who better to be there for him, than you? If you can become the one person your ex boyfriend looks to for emotional support and guidance, you'll claim a very important piece of his heart.

Allow him the opportunity to talk about his new girlfriend, be it in a positive way or a negative way. If you listen, without judgement, he'll begin to see you as someone who will be there for him, no matter what. Being in that position with an ex boyfriend has many advantages. He'll come to you when things aren't going well and you'll be the first stop when the new relationship fails.

It's a very unselfish act, but if you can find the inner strength to do this, you'll have a huge advantage when he breaks up with the new woman in his life. In his mind, you'll be the giving, caring and empathetic friend who never let him down. Those feelings can quickly morph back into love and adoration which will have your man right back where you want him.

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