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Your ex boyfriend keeps rejecting your every attempt to get him back and you are getting the idea that he is gone for good. But he is just doing what guys usually do after a breakup. It builds his ego to have his ex girlfriend tell him that she can't live without him and it makes him feel like the greatest lover in history. However if you know what to watch for, your ex will be sending out plenty of clues that will tell you how to get your ex back.

When he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend might have given you some reasons for the split at the time, but he didn't give you the real reason. That is another frustrating thing, if he would tell you what is making him unhappy you could try to fix it. But your ex probably said it wasn't you, it was him or some other crap like he just needed some space.


If your guy is truly done with you, he will usually be indifferent to any action you might take or anything you say. So, if he gets angry and rejects any attempt to contact him this could be a good sign. If he was through with you for good, he would not show any emotion toward you at all. This is just one of the clues that say he is still in love with you and as soon as he is over his anger, he will be willing to talk.

You cannot expect your ex boyfriend to react the same as you because he doesn't think or act in the same emotional way as you. This is why you have to think the way he does in order to know how to get your ex back. As a woman you will be more open and let the world know that you are still in love with your ex boyfriend and want him back. But your ex will be more sneaky.

He will sneak around and ask your mutual friends if you are dating anyone, or if you often talk about him. This tells you that he is beginning to regret the breakup and he is afraid of losing you for good. He wouldn't be asking about you if he didn't still have feelings for you. He might be ashamed of the things he said to you and the way he has treated you.

His next move could be to hang around where he can get a glimpse of you without you seeing him. You shouldn't consider this as stalking because a man who does that is beginning to miss your company and will settle for just a quick sight of you. However, don't think that it is a sign that you can approach him. Play it cool and he will make the first move.

Male psychology will teach you that your ex boyfriend will have to start longing to hear your voice and feel your touch before he can overcome his pride and apologize for his actions. Time, patience and watching for small clues are the best tactics for getting your ex back.

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