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Your girlfriend dumped you and everybody seems to tell you that if you ignore her, she will come to her senses and be back begging you to want her. But, how can you ignore someone who was your whole life and now you see her slipping away. You know there are a lot of other guys out there who won't be ignoring her and you are afraid of losing he for good.

Although ignoring your ex girlfriend to get her back might sound crazy, it actually is the best way to get her attention and give you time to get your emotions under control. You have just been hit with one of the most traumatic experiences a man can have and it will take you some time to clear your head of the feelings of rejection and being unwanted.


Having your girlfriend dump you can be a double whammy. You not only lose the woman you love, but perhaps your best friend as well. In your present mind set, you are going to make so many mistakes that you could ruin any chance of getting your ex back. Every time you text, email or attempt to engage her in a phone conversation, you are making her remember why she broke up with you.

You shouldn't hang around home and feel sorry for yourself, but if you listen to the advise you get from your buddies, you will act like a jerk and start dating other women right away. Your friends may tell you that this is the way to make her jealous, but it could cause her to lose whatever respect she still has for you. You have to use your own judgement because you should know why your ex girlfriend dumped you better than anyone else.

She might have dumped you because you were always criticizing her, putting her down in front of other people and blaming her for your own mistakes. Dating other women right away will only cause more embarrassment for her in front of her friends. Your actions will seem like further proof that you never really loved her and she will be hurt so badly that there will be no chance to get her back.

By ignoring her, you are respecting her right to privacy and this could be the only respect she thinks you have ever shown to her. Your ex girlfriend still cares for you, but you have to show her why she should love you again. This doesn't mean sending cards and gifts. That will make her think you are trying to buy her love. Instead of telling her why you need her, you have to show her that you have changed.

You can do that by acting like a man and after a few weeks have passed, arrange to run into her at the mall or some other place where she hangs out. Tell her you have something important to tell her and ask her to have coffee with you. When you have done a little small talk, look her in the eyes and offer a sincere apology for your actions.

Tell her that you are doing your best to change and all you ask is for her to have some patience. By doing that you are talking as a friend to a friend and she should be touched by your honesty and give you another chance.

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