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Marriage Infidelity

How can a man who says he loves you and wants to make you happy turn into such a jerk almost over night? This is what you are probably wondering if you have just been dumped by your boyfriend. However, it probably didn't just happen overnight, it could have been brewing for some time, but you were too much in love to see what was going on.

When he was late picking you up for a date, you thought he had just been asked to work later than usual. You did think that he was not as talkative as usual, but he might be having problems at home and didn't want to bother you with them. He was taking longer to answer your text and if you called him, he made the conversation short. Still you didn't see the red flags waving.


Finally he walked in and gave you the usual routine that things weren't working out and it wasn't anything to do with you, it was him. Nothing could have hit you harder and you just stood and watched him walk away without saying a word. Now you can think of a lot of things that you wish you had said. However, if you didn't say anything, it is a good thing because you didn't beg.

If you haven't started sending text messages and trying to call your ex boyfriend, don't start doing it because you can't let him think that he has the upper hand. Some men have low self esteem and try to make a lovely woman like you sacrifice her pride and dignity to get him back. But, this kind of guy very seldom is worth wasting your time on and you will always be on edge for fear that you will say or do something to offend him.


Your ex boyfriend didn't realize it when he dumped you, but he has given you the chance to make him see that you are not someone to be pushed around. There has to be mutual respect in order for any relationship to survive and right now he is not treating you with much respect. Anytime two people are involved in a romance, emotions are bound to run high and they can go from the peak of ecstasy to the depths of despair because of a careless word or act.

Right now you are the one in the depths of despair and your ex boyfriend is enjoying himself. He is acting like a jerk because of the way he keeps rejecting any attempt you make to talk to him. To make him your loving boyfriend again, you have to show him that he needs you as much or more than you need him. The best way to do that is show him you are alright with the breakup.

You have to get your ex boyfriend off your mind and that requires you to fill your mind with other thoughts. Find something that truly interests you. Maybe it's a hobby or helping people in need. What ever you do, make sure you enjoy doing it. Soon you will notice that you are not so obsessed with getting your ex back.

But it will be different for your ex boyfriend because seeing you making a life without him will make him see how much he needs you. This is when the jerk who dumped you will become your loving boyfriend again.

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