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The issues of breakups is a very rampant story that happens every time, but no matter the reason for breaking up, the initial step to resolving it, is knowing what exactly you want. Maybe it was because of insecurity, a misunderstanding, or jealousy. First understand these reasons if you really want to reconcile. After establishing that your feelings towards your ex-boyfriend are still strong, and you can barely live without him, come up with a game plan to pull him towards you. Here are some strategies on how to get your ex boyfriend back to reconcile with you again.

Get back in shape


Depending on how much time has elapsed and how you handled the breakup, there are several strategies. If you may have been stuffing chocolate, chips, ice cream or other junk foods into your mouth to forget your sorrows, it is self-defeating and will never get him back. Stop the self-pity, get off the bed and take your weight in the bathroom scales. You will be jolted by what you see. Get back in good shape, get a makeover and just feel and look like a diva. Meanwhile, don't contact him. This implies no tearful and desperate calls, no spying on his Facebook pages and no messages at all. By not contacting him, he will imagine you have actually moved on and pursuing new stuff. Exercise or join a yoga or dance class. Reconnect with the diva in you and get a fit and sculpted body. Book a spa session, have a superb new hairdo, and get new stylish ensembles. You'll feel better after pampering and shopping. This changes will help not only the outer you but the inner you too. After feeling confident and good, your attitude will change and you will be able to apply this strategies on how to get your ex boyfriend back to reconcile with you again.

Bump into him

Accidentally bump into him in the mall while with friends. Act very happy and greet him casually. When he notices the stylish new look, he'll see a difference. After establishing contacts and he probably calls or texts you, keep cool and seem detached and not too eager. Men like a chase and try to win women who seem disinterested in them. When and if he invites you for a casual drink, say you are busy and don't give details. He will imagine you are seeing someone and might want you more.

Avoid the breakup topic

When you agree to a drink or a coffee date, don't talk about the breakup, but about more neutral topics. If he asks about your private life, answer indefinitely and vaguely. Gradually change the talk towards the great times you shared together, like a trip or your first meeting. If he gets emotional, this might be a sign that he still loves you. At that moment when he seems vulnerable, don't dare tell him that you miss or love him too. Keep things very casual and soon he will want to reconcile with you again.

Don't call him

After the date, don't call him later. You may have a great desire to meet or text him but don't initiate anything. Wait until he calls. If he asks for another date, say you have a date with another person. If he wants details, act mysterious and drop hints about meeting an incredible guy whom you think might be the one. He will definitely come running back to you again for a reconciliation.

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