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After the big breakup, many ex lovers tend to go back to the drawing board trying to find out what went wrong in their relationship. For some of them it is a time of great epiphany where they have an opportunity to realize their past mistakes and misdemeanors and start the process of picking up the pieces. On the other hand, some choose consciously to move on with their lot and never look back or pay any further mind to what was. Which one of those are you? Have you moved onward and upward for good or are you one of the many who can't move on and keep on asking how can you get your ex back?

As we are all human beings it can be very hard to summon up the courage and admit to yourself and to your partner how wrong you were. But then again, when it's all stripped back to the bare metal as it were, it all starts with a simple but heartfelt apology. You have to ask for forgiveness for past transgressions, mistakes or bad behavior . That's the first step. No matter how bleak or remote the chances of getting back with your ex seem to be, somebody has to try if a reconciliation of any sort is being contemplated. Somebody has to pop in that question. And that somebody may as well be you.


If you want to get your ex back, you have to do so at the right time using class, good judgment and a bit of tact. Not too fast, as the wounds may still be sensitive and raw. Not too slow or your ex may have gotten over you. There is a perfect time for just about everything. And only you will know with any real certainty when the timing is perfect for you and your ex.

While saying sorry seems to be simple, it is actually one of the very hardest things to do. So don't make it simple. After all, how can you get your ex back if you can't say the right words at the right place and at the right time? But you must also realize that it doesn't start or end with simply saying sorry and waiting for the next chain of events to somehow miraculously unfold. Getting back with your ex is a decision and one that shouldn't be contemplated lightly or without your head screwed on the right way. Along with that momentous decision is a real commitment to follow through and step up as the person who you wanted to be. You have to prove to your ex how much you've changed and how wrong you were to let him or her walk out of your life.

There's no easy answer to the question how can you get your ex back. But this suggestion is always worth trying: just ask.

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