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It's a sad question and usually said with a tearful voice, but it's said by nearly every woman after a breakup. What will make my ex boyfriend want me again? Quite often they are said in desperation as well because you have exhausted every method you can think of to get your ex back. However the answer is not as hard as you think because if you made him want you before, you can do it again.

It all begins with understanding what a man wants in a woman. Most men want a woman to need them, but they don't want to be smothered. He has a right to have his friends and do the things that guys do. You should also have your friends and a life without him. Look at the way you were when the two of you met. You probably had to make a place in your life for him.


The fact that he could not see you anytime he wished, made his time with you more valuable to him. However, if you gradually stopped seeing your friends and stopped having other activities, you suddenly became too available. Your ex boyfriend might have felt an obligation to give up his friends and outside activities as well. This might have been your idea of a relationship, but to him it was an obligation.

Many times he would have been happier with his friends and doing guy things, but since he knew you would be sitting around with nothing to do, he felt obligated to be with you. Before long, when he came over to your place, he felt like he was walking into a cage and would only be free when you let him out. This can make a guy start avoiding you in a hurry.

But if all of this has already happened and he is gone how do you make your ex boyfriend want you again? You have to get back to square one and start all over again. Start going out with your friends like you used to. Take more interest in your job or school work. You have to show your ex that he was wrong about you. You weren't trying to be his jailor, you were only showing him how much you love him.

If it has been a while since the breakup, he might be getting tired of having too much time on his hands. He thinks of you and wishes things would have been different. If you are not stalking him or sending him text messages every few minutes, he will start thinking about giving your relationship another chance. If you do get back together what will have to change?

The answer to that is – nothing has to change! You both can keep on having your friends and other interests and so can he. Don't get caught up in being possessive again. You have to show your guy that you care for him and be attentive, but if when you ask “What will make my ex boyfriend want me again? The answer is not to show him that you want him too much.

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