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How do you think it would feel if you knew, without a doubt, that your ex boyfriend missed you? It's something you think about quite a lot, isn't it? At this point you wonder if he ever thinks of you at all. Given the fact that he never calls and you've heard through the grapevine that he's out having fun most nights, it doesn't seem likely at all that you even cross his mind. You miss him a lot so it's natural that you'd want him to feel the same way about you. You may believe that it's not possible to make someone miss you, but you can actually alter your own actions in such a way that your ex will begin to long for you. It's all about creating a stronger, more put together you. That's actually much easier than you may think it is.

Stop Talking to Your Ex Boyfriend


How can you expect your ex boyfriend to miss you if you're always right there? Most women can't see the logic in this because their emotions are clouding their better judgement. The only true way to make a person miss you is to make yourself invisible to them. It's really that simple. If you've been calling your ex boyfriend just to catch up or you've been running into him on purpose at the coffee shop you know he goes to, stop that today. You have to remove yourself from his life entirely if you want the man to pine for you.

The advice itself is very straightforward but turning it into reality is much different. You may need to employ some outside help with this. Many women find it beneficial to enlist the help of a close friend. Tell her that you're struggling with not contacting your ex boyfriend and you need her to be your safe place. Essentially that means that you can call her whenever you feel the overwhelming need to talk with him. She'll help you see that calling him isn't going to benefit you in any way. A bit of encouraging like this can really aid you when it comes to breaking the habit of reaching out to your ex boyfriend.

Start Planning the Rest of Your Life

If you sit and wait patiently for your ex boyfriend to decide he wants you back, you'll be missing out on your own life. The world still moves forward in light of a break up and unless you move with it, your life is going to become stagnant and lose meaning very quickly. You have to brush yourself off and jump back into the thick of things if you have any hope of getting your ex boyfriend to start missing you.

In this age of social media, it's natural for ex partners to constantly be checking up on what the other is doing online. If your social media sites grind to a halt the moment the break up occurs, your ex boyfriend is going to notice that and he's going to absorb it as very unappealing. He'll quickly put two and two together and recognize that you're hiding yourself away in mourning over the break up.

Jump back into your life today and start planning for your future. Put a smile on your face and start going out and having fun again. You deserve it and beyond that, it will help you get your ex boyfriend to notice you again. He'll see that you've moved past the break up and are happy even without him in your life. That is bound to cause some longing within him as he'll reminisce about the past and how much you used to rely on him for your happiness.

Go Out on the Town

If you are crazy about your ex boyfriend and your goal is to eventually get back together again, it's not wise for you to actively start looking for another man to date. You don't want to lead another man and at the same time you don't want your ex boyfriend to think that he doesn't get another chance with you.

Instead, you need to get out and have fun with girlfriends or in groups. If your ex boyfriend finds out, either through mutual friends or by seeing you himself, that you're jumping back into the social scene in an active way, that's going to make him miss the times when it was just the two of you.

Even though you're not dating anyone right now, the threat that it could happen is going to stick with your boyfriend for some time. When a woman finally lets go of her past relationship and starts going out and having fun, it's suggestive of her desire to meet someone new.

Let your ex boyfriend stew in that knowledge and eventually he'll feel a need to touch base with you just to see where your life is. The mere idea that you may fall in love with a new guy is enough to jolt your ex boyfriend, even if he was the one who dumped you.

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